Find more errors and solve them faster

Poor software quality creates delays in development, higher support costs and often results in a substantial rewriting of code.

Finding a bug in production costs 10x more than in development.

The solution

Coderr automates most of the tasks related to error handling, from detection to analytics. Coderr reports every error in real time, moments after its first appearance. Coderr includes the contextual information you need to correct each error in a fraction of the time.

The effect

  • Coderr reduces the cost of error handling by at least half.
  • Real time detection reduces the business impact of critical errors.
  • Detailed contextual information means production errors can be solved almost as easily as development errors.

Minimize time spent on duplicate errors

Users are not aware of errors submitted by others. The more users you have, the more duplicate error reports you will get. Diagnostic files cannot tell if a reported error has already been reported previously, creating further duplicates. Identifying which errors have already been reported is a time consuming and expensive manual process.

The solution

Coderr automatically identifies duplicate error reports, whether they originate from a user or in a log file. Once an error is corrected, Coderr ignores all future reports for the same error (for application versions before the one containing the fix).

The effect

  • Duplication of errors is minimized.
  • There is no requirement to manually review error reports or logs.
  • Administration costs are substantially reduced.

Prioritize errors accurately

The average application has between 15 and 50 bugs per 1000 lines of code. A large list of open bugs with little context in the reports makes it impossible to accurately assess the priority of each one. Prioritizing incorrectly may mean that minor errors are addressed before major errors which have a severe or widespread effect.

The solution

Coderr automatically prioritizes errors using KPIs such as: number of affected users; number of received error reports; or your own custom business criteria. Coderr provides detailed context in error reports, allowing you to further assess the severity of each error.

The effect

  • Major errors affecting more users or with greater consequences are automatically prioritized.
  • Detailed information is provided to allow you to review the prioritized list in context.
  • You can make data-driven decisions to allocate bug fixing resources to where they will have the greatest impact.

Balance bug fixing and feature development

Without sufficient information on the scope and impact of errors it can be difficult to assess severity. It is therefore a challenge to assign resources effectively between bug fixing and new feature development.

The solution

Coderr automatically tracks your work on errors and allows you to see how it changes over time. You can for instance track the time taken from detection to correction over a given period. If the time increases, your application most likely has quality issues and you should focus on correcting more bugs. If the time decreases, you can assign some resource to focus on building new features.

The effect

  • Coderr gives you the data you need to make an informed decision on whether to prioritize bug fixing or new feature development. This ensures that you minimize waste and rework within your development process.
  • Focusing your resource correctly increases your competitive advantage and the overall quality of your software.

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