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Hello world

one year ago

An Introductory article for our blog

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1TCompany raises 2MSEK in our seed round

11 months ago

1TCompany has completed it's seed round and also received 3.5MSEK i Azure credits from Microsoft.

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Tracking errors in thousands of devices.

10 months ago

We just went Live with our first Internet-Of-Things customer!

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New version of Coderr

5 months ago

We have released a large new update for Coderr

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Exception handling explained

4 months ago

This article will explain what exception handling is and how it differs from traditional error handling with error codes. The article will not get into usage or exception classes, but only to explain their purpose.

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Report logical errors to catch business rules violations

2 months ago

Coderr for .NET have got a new update where we now support logical errors.

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