Tracking errors in thousands of devices.

posted by jgauffin 2 years ago

We just went Live with our first Internet-Of-Things customer! The scaling capability of codeRR will be used to monitor thousands of devices for this particular customer. The flexibility of codeRR’s architecture allows the customer to send error reports over the IoT protocol MQTT and deliver them to codeRR Live.


The devices do not have access to Internet (VPN connection to the inhouse server). Therefore we used an integration point in the codeRR client library so that all reports are aggregated and then sent in batches to their own server (using MQTT). We used another integration point to strip the the reports to a bare minimum to reduce bandwidth usage.

The client have also segmented the error reports so that they know which customers and devices are affected by each incident. By doing so, our client can now prioritize their resolution of errors according to different operational effects and circumstances. More to follow on their progress.