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posted by jgauffin 2 years ago

Welcome to our blog.

Here we'll write about product updates, company news and a bit about the cool things that we do.

Why I do this

I started building codeRR more than four years ago as a hobby project (using the name OneTrueError). I was so tired on using log files and crappy bug reports from users as the only sources of information for the errors. It seemed like some information was always missing, making it difficult to be certain of the root cause of the error.

Regarding logs, it always seemed as we, the development team, forgot to log important information into them. Or when we had logged all the information, the log got so detailed that it was hard to tell what information belonged to which user. Now in the days of web applications that is even more true, since log files contain everything from all users in a mixed potpurri.

The details of bug reports seems to be directly related to the state of mind of the affected user. Getting bug reports that says "I PRESSED THE SAVE BUTTON AND NOTHING WORKS! SHIT PROGRAM!" doesn't really tell what went wrong.

The solution

The goal with codeRR is to remove all manual steps, from coming up with which log lines you should include in the application to tell the reason to why the exception happened.

codeRR do this by injecting itself into your favorite .NET library and framework. It integrates deeply into the core of the library to be able to pick up all information that you required to be able to understand why the exception was thrown.

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