New version of Coderr

posted by jgauffin 2 years ago

As we are relentlessly working to improve Coderr, we are excited to reveal some major changes. Feedback from our users have suggested they value the ability to quickly get an understanding of the application and generated errors. It is also important for Coderr to be adapted to our users and provide helpful assistance for control and insight.

Coderr’s latest improvements focus on a redesign of how our users want to work, with a clear and clean overview and functions organized in a logical flow. We have also added an improved prioritization function, where Coderr will organize and display errors according to criteria you decide. Further, Coderr Live provides information on how different application releases compare with incidents.

These improvements will come into immediate effect for our Coderr Live users in April 2018 and in Beta format for our Open Source users. There will be further improvements to the user interface in May 2018. Why not look the changes now and get a full experience of Coderr during a free two-week trial with Coderr Live, with no strings attached? We have also improved the getting started process to be more helpful and clear. Click “Try now” at the bottom of the page to.

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Coderr Community Server is in a closed beta and will be released last of april. Apply for access by sending an email to