1TCompany raises 2MSEK in our seed round

posted by jgauffin 2 years ago

Almi Invest and Darlecarlia Growth invests 2MSEK in 1TCompany AB

CodeRR performs automated error handling in .NET applications. The service was launched last year in open source, where it is available and has generated overwhelming interest. 1TCompany is now making it ready for a production environment by adding functionality through a commercial version.

I know from my own experience how difficult and cumbersome it can be to find and analyze errors and how much time I had to spend on it. So, I was just looking for a way to make my life easier, letting me focus on writing better code. That’s how I came up with the idea of creating a tool that could do the work for me. Jonas Gauffin, founder of 1TCompany and creator of codeRR.

Errors in applications happen frequently and cause minor or major disruptions to businesses. They even sometimes go unnoticed for a while and then build up, resulting in severe consequences. Typically, a developer is tasked with finding the error by scanning through vast amounts of logfiles trying to identify it. CodeRR is a tool that automatically detects and analyzes the error. The developer can then use links to find can also through best practices suggested work-arounds or fixes for the error.

CodeRR will not only make your applications run better with less disruptions through improved code quality; it will also have an impact on your .NET-environment, by giving IT-managers more flexibility with computing resources. Your developer most familiar with the code in question doesn’t have to be tied sown spending time going through logfiles.. Instead others in the team can join in to create a work-around with help of codeRR. Lars Ahlgren, ex Microsoft-veteran and managing partner at 1TCompany.

CodeRR is a scalable product that can make a difference on the global market. We are delighted that we have found this investment opportunity with Jonas and Lars at the helm. Johan Peters investor at Dalecarlia Growth

Watching the response from the open source community, we are in no doubt that this product has a wide appeal and fills a gap in the marketplace. Håkan Alfon, investment manager at Almi invest

For additional information, please contact:

  • Johan Peters, Dalecarlia Growth tel +46 70 7600030, mail johan.peters@dalecarliagrowth.se
  • Jonas Gauffin, founder 1TCompany tel +46 70 693 08 21 mail jonas@1tcompany.com
  • Lars Ahlgren, managing partner 1TCompany tel +44 780 188 12 97 mail lars@1tcompany.com
  • Håkan Alfon, investment manager Almi Invest tel +46 70 658 83 13, mail hakan.alfon@almiinvest.se

About 1TCompany

1TCompany was founded in Falun 2017 by Jonas Gauffin and Lars Ahlgren. The company’s mission is to provide developers with smart tools that enhances code quality and improve efficiency in their work. The main technology focus is Microsoft’s .NET-platform, which is familiar to both Jonas and Lars. Jonas has a long career as a successful developer working for both small and larger organizations. Jonas is also the creator of the products and has teamed up with Lars to make them into commercially ready services. Lars comes from Microsoft where he has held many leading positions around the world and adds his experience working with developers both inside and outside the company.

About DalecarliaGrowth

Dalecarlia Growth,is a privately held venture capital firm which focuses on regional growth in the region of Dalarna in Sweden. Its founders and investors are all successful business people representing different industries and sizes of organizations. In addition to capital, DaleCarlia Growth provides experience and knowledge transfer to business they invest in. www.dalecarliagrowth.se

About Almi Invest

Almi Invest (www.almiinvest.se) is the most active investor in Swedish startups. Almi invest is managing a portfolio of 3 billion SEK and has since being founded invested in over 600 companies. Our best positions have later been acquired by companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple or Qlink or have gone public. Almi Invest is a venture capital firm and part of the Almi group.