Customize report uploads

The default configuration of the report uploader only attempts one time and then throws the report away.

You can change that behavior by telling the client library to queue reports:

Err.Configuration.QueueReports = true;

Then the library will make three attempts per error report and can queue up to 10 reports in memory.

Customizing behavior

To further customize behavior, you need to add the report uploader manually.

Remove the Err.Configuration.Credentials() line from your code and add the following instead:

// Initialization
var uri = new Uri("");

var uploader = new UploadToCoderr(uri, "yourOwnAppKey", "yourOwnSharedSecret");

// Max number of reports that can be queued.
uploader.MaxQueueSize = 10;

//number of attempts per report
uploader.MaxAttempts = 1;


Persistent queues

If you want to store error reports on disk until successful upload you need to create your own uploader class.

Implement the IReportUploader interface. You can use the UploadToCoderr class internally for the actual report. Use the UploadToCoderr.UploadReportNow() for the actual transfer.

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