Why Coderr?

Better overview of errors

With Coderr you get an overview of all errors generated in your application, their type and cause. Coderr provides relevant information attached as context with the error. The analytical tool lets you weigh the impact of the different errors which makes prioritization easier.

Saving precious time

Coderr detects errors through constant monitoring of your application. When an error occurs, Coderr will provide a notification straight away. By starting to correct issues immediately, it is possible to prevent users from experiencing the same error and maintain the availability of the application.

Improving code quality

Coderr’s capability of finding bugs in development and test environment and not only in production means you have a comprehensive view and can prioritize your code improvements. There are opportunities to find solution options through error codes and links to solutions already tried by others. In Coderr you will track how the amount of errors vary with different versions of the application, leading to improved code quality.

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Feature Community Server Live OnPremise
Automatic error detection
Automatic inclusion of context data
Deployment insights
Prioritization according to business rules
Team management using Active Directory
Single-sign-on using Windows Authentication
Always latest version
Long term supported versions
Next business day support
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