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You could expect a team of ten developers to find between 10 and 30 new bugs per month in production - does that hold true for your team? Coderr cuts through the log file noise to locate every bug, even the ones that both your users and your developers might have missed.

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Focused on workflow

Coderr works the way you do, following a logical three-step process.

Use the "Discover" tool to identify and prioritize errors in your application. Use "Analyze" to understand and correct them, and use "Insights" to track progress over time.

Relevant contextual information

Coderr collects, stores and reports all the necessary information on each error automatically. There’s typically no need for programmers to add extraneous information such as log lines to the code base.

Coderr collects different types of information depending on the error type.

  • For VueJS errors you get at minimum information about the failing Vue component.
  • For Node.js/ASP.NET Core you get at least information about the HTTP request.
  • For JavaScript in the browser, you get information about the document, the navigator etc.

Automated prioritization

Configure Coderr in line with your business plan to prioritize errors by a range of criteria, such as affected servers, frequency or user impact.

Adding your own criteria requires just one line of code, Coderr takes care of the rest.

(Only in Coderr Premise and Coderr Cloud)

Powerful search

Discover errors easily by selecting environment, using tags, or even context data like "UserId" or "CorrelationId".

Monitor code quality with Insights

Company-wide insights

Insights gives you a management overview with important performance indicators, allowing you to prioritize between building new features and fixing bugs.

For instance, see how many errors the applications have had during the last year, and if it is taking a longer or shorter time to solve issues. All indicators are normalized to give a fair comparison, regardless of how large each team is.

(Only in Coderr Premise and Coderr Cloud)

Track progress over the year

Track progress for each application over the last year. Are the team correcting issues faster or slower than they were six months ago?

This screenshot shows that the selected team has less incidents per month/developer than the company average. That, in combination with a short solution time, indicates that this team has great quality output, so you might want to let them assist struggling teams

(Only in Coderr Premise and Coderr Cloud)

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Coderr will inevitably find more errors than you’ll find by yourself, or that users will report. It will also help you solve all errors in a fraction of the time and warn you in case they resurface in newer versions of the application.

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