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Description of coderr

Benefits for your business

Discover more errors

Most users do not report errors, unless the error inflict pain. Coderr detects errors in real time and reports every single one, so you won't miss any vital information.

Understand the effect

Coderr gives you a clear, at-a-glance overview of the issues affecting your code, with the ability to drill down to understand the effect on the overall application.

Decrease application downtime

Divert resources to fix the issues which are causing the most pain to users, and ensure that you minimize any downtime. Less disruption to users equals greater satisfaction - a win for everyone.

Less administration

Coderr frees up valuable time by automating the majority of steps in the error handling process. One hour saved on error handling is one hour more for building new features.

Focused on workflow

Coderr works the way you do, following a logical three-step process.

Use the "Discover" tool to identify and prioritize errors in your application. Use "Analyze" to understand and correct them, and use "Insights" to track progress over time.

Relevant contextual information

Coderr collects, stores and reports all the necessary information on each error automatically. There’s typically no need for programmers to add extraneous information such as log lines to the code base.

Automated prioritization

To avoid reporting overload, you can configure Coderr in line with your business plan to prioritize errors by a range of criteria, such as affected servers, frequency or user impact.

Powerful search

Discover errors easily by selecting environment, using tags, or even context data like "UserId" or "CorrelationId".

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Coderr will inevitably find more errors than you can by yourself or that users report. It will also help you solve all errors in a fraction of the time and warn you in case they resurface in newer versions of the application.

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