Coderr Premise

Coderr Premise is an on-site solution which allows you to keep all your data secure within the company walls.

Get insights about how efficiently you are handling errors and compare different teams within the company.

Automated prioritization

Configure Coderr in line with your business plan to prioritize errors by a range of criteria, such as affected servers, frequency or user impact.

Adding your own criteria requires just one line of code, Coderr takes care of the rest.

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Company-wide insights

Insights gives you a management overview with important performance indicators. See for instance how many errors the application have had during the last year and if it takes longer or shorter to solve issues.

See which application team that struggles and which team performs best. All indicators are normalized to give a fair comparison independent of how large each team is.

Application indicators

Track progress for each application during the year. Do they team correct issues faster or slower than six months ago?

The screenshot shows that a team are working with more incidents per month/developer than the company average. That in combination with a long correction duration KPI indicates that the team struggles to keep the application quality high and you need to take action.

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Coderr Premise

Premise comes with email support and includes one support incident per month, with a guaranteed response time of two business days.


Coderr Premise+

With Premise+ you get a dedicated contact for all support issues, both by phone and email. Two support incidents per month are included with a guaranteed response time of one business day.