The Coderr Guarantee

If we fail to fulfill these promises, you will get Coderr for free until we do so.

Coderr finds more errors

Coderr will detect more unique errors than any other competitor. We take pride in our deep integration with your favorite programming frameworks. We are therefore confident that we can detect more errors than any of our competitors.

Coderr identifies more duplicates

An error report, no matter if it’s reported automatically or manually, can be for an existing error or a new one. If you use log files, every reported error may already have been reported at least once if not more. Commercial editions of Coderr includes a dynamic algorithm which identify more duplicates than any of our competitors, so you have a short list of unique errors to work with.

Coderr provides more information

To correct bugs efficiently, you need to be able to understand why they occurred. Log files (and our competitors) provide generic information with little detail. Thanks to our deep framework integrations we can pick up more relevant information and even highlight the most relevant information per error type.

Product versions

Coderr Community

Community Server is our open source version of our product.

Github project

Coderr Cloud

Hosted service, with the complete feature set and enhanced UI.

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Coderr Premise

Locally installed server, all features plus enterprise.

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