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Our hosted service, with the complete feature set and enhanced UI is now available.

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Why Coderr Live?

Better overview of errors

With Coderr you get an overview of all errors generated, their type and how they have occurred. Coderr provides relevant information found in the context when the error occurred, for insight to the cause. The analytical tool lets you judge the impact different errors have on your application and you can prioritize how to handle.

Saving precious time

Coderr detects errors in your application through constant monitoring. Seconds after a new unique error is detected by Coderr it will provide a notification. By start correcting issues immediately, you prevent users from experiencing the same error and you maintain the availability of your application.

Improving code quality

Finding bugs already in your test environment instead of later in production means you can prevent errors from occurring and improve your quality by building better code. Connections to solutions tried by others means you weigh your options. Access to your historical data and tracking your changes leads to stronger code

Additional features and benefits in Live

Refined duplicate detection

Coderr live uses a more advanced duplicate detection algorithm. You will get less incidents and improved information regarding root cause of each error.


All of our customers get more errors that they thought. Deciding which one to solve next can therefore be overwhelming. Let Coderr recommend which incident you should correct next, based on different operational aspects.

Business support

Guaranteed next day response to your questions and issues, straight from us via email. We typically answer directly during office hours.

Coderr Community Edition is supported in the discussion board and through GitHub issues.

Coderr on-premise

We are currently working on an OnPremise version but need help.

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