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Our hosted service, with the complete feature set and enhanced UI is now available.

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Why Coderr Live?

Refined duplicate detection

Coderr live uses a more advanced duplicate detection algorithm. You will get less incidents and improved information regarding root cause of each error.

Always up to date

Do not spend time maintaining your webserver, a local installation or your database server. We continiously improve Coderr Live and make sure that you have the latest version without any interruptions.

Business support

Guaranteed next day response to your questions and issues, straight from us via email. We typically answer directly during office hours.

Prioritize according to criteria

Applications can generate many incidents so it is essential to prioritize the work dealing with them. The criteria, or your business rules, can be set to reveal the errors that are the most frequent or oldest. But you can also use criteria which affects most users and easily define your own criteria. Using criteria for prioritizing the incidents bring structure and consistency for everyone involved in application development or performance.

Code quality with Deployment Insights

Deployment Insights reveals how earlier changes compare with number of incidents. Are the number of unique errors getting fewer or are they increasing per version? This view show trends in number of errors per version release and if code quality seems to be improving.

In addition, Deployment Insights also provide specific information about the errors per version release. Here you can discover if older errors resurface again or there are new different kinds of errors relating to the specific version release which need attention.

Take control over your errors

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