Don't let bugs stand in your way of success

As a developer team, you most certainly keep track of errors in your development and test environments. However, it's an order of magnitude harder to detect and analyze errors in production. Is it?

With Coderr, you'll correct errors earlier and quicker, freeing up more time to develop new features and improving the application quality along the way.

How it works?

Solve critical errors first

Coderr automatically prioritizes errors that have more significant consequences, so you take data-driven decisions to minimize the affect on your users.

All data in one place

Coderr collects data from user bug reports, log files, error reports and your own custom data into a single place. Log into Coderr, select an error and access all information directly without having to use multiple systems.

Spend less time on errors

Coderr identifies duplicate error reports, whether they originate from a user or in a log file, so you don't have to manually review error reports or logs. Less administration equals more time to build new features.

Features or bugs?

Coderr tracks errors management over time. Show your manager that you correct bugs quicker or need more time for the technical debt. Use your expertise where it counts.


  • Up to five users
  • 1k error reports / month
  • Duplicate detection
  • Notifications
  • Detailed error reports
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$49.95 / month
  • Up to five users
  • Everything in basic
  • 100k error reports / month
  • Automated error prioritization


$99 / month / user
  • Everything in Regular
  • 5M error reports / month
  • Insights (Management KPIs)
  • Automated error escalation
Annual subscription = two months for free.