Take control over your errors

Say goodbye to all the tedious manual steps and countless hours spent finding and correcting code errors.

We find more of your errors in .NET applications and give you enough information to correct them quickly. Our platform gives you a bird's-eye view, giving you a better understanding of the overall impact of each error.

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This is an example where Coderr has detected 38 unique errors which have been reported 2361 times during the last 30 days.


Learn about exception handling and its best practices, a fundamental part of handling errors in applications.


Product versions

Coderr Community

Community Server is our open source version of our product.

Github project

Coderr Live

Our hosted service, with the complete feature set and enhanced UI.

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Coderr Premise

Our locally installed server, with all regular features, plus enterprise features.

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Report logical errors to catch business rules violations

Coderr for .NET have got a new update where we now support logical errors.

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Exception handling explained

This article will explain what exception handling is and how it differs from traditional error handling with error codes. The article will not get into usage or exception classes, but only to explain their purpose.

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New version of Coderr

We have released a large new update for Coderr

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