"Don't let bugs stand in your way of success."

Jonas Gauffin

I've been coding since high school in everything from assembly to golang. I thrive in complex projects or saving legacy applications from rewrites.

I've got a university degree in software design and implementation that I took while working full time.

Career highlights:

  • Raised 2MSEK for my startup as solo founder.
  • Held about 10-20 talks on different subjects, both at companies and dev conferences.
  • Wrote a book about building software for the global market.
  • Answered almost 2000 questions at StackOverflow (my answers have been read 10M times).
  • Authored several OSS projects at GitHub (my c# account is ranked #600 of 200 000 accounts).
  • Designed (as a solution architect) a large system with 40 distinct types of micro services with a requirement of 99.997% uptime. Tech lead for four developer teams.
  • Wrote procurement documents (technical specifications) for a technical system in one of Swedens largest road projects.
  • Helped several clients to reduce complexity 10x (McCabes Index) and improved performance 2-10x in other systems.
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We have a large project with a complex, customized system for a customer. The system is in production, but large extensions are being developed simultaneously, so you must also manage existing historical data.

Jonas came in for a shorter assignment, initially only for one month. I was skeptical about the usefulness of having a resource for so little time, but Jonas had good references, so we tried. It turned out that Jonas very quickly managed to settle into the new system and deliver new functions. At the same time, he has also contributed to competence development internally and given us good input for future working methods. We are incredibly pleased with his performance.
Profile picture david hopstadius
David Hopstadius
CEO - SweSharp AB
I worked with Jonas on the Trafikverket MTLIV project (development of road traffic control system) during the first half of 2016. Jonas had the role of lead architect for the it-system to be developed, and I can highly recommend Jonas for this role. Jonas has all the necessary subject matter expertise, communicates well with stakeholders, and always works for the client's best.
Profile picture Magnus Scherman
Magnus Scherman
Project manager - PA Consulting Group

In 2014 I was managing a variant of change management project for the Swedish Transportation Agency.

We needed an expert and by recommendation, Jonas was brought into the project as a consultant and senior IT-architect His responsibility was to investigate and review processes around code development, architecture, testing and validation processes. He managed to make an absolute brilliant delivery by putting together thorough facts and conclusions based on findings, best practices combined with his own experience. In the end, he also made a very crisp and highly appreciated.presentation to the project’s managerial steering committee.

Jonas is social, humble and keeps a persistent drive even when faced with heavy challenges. He is one of the absolute best IT-architects I’ve ever seen and he has my highest and sincerest recommendations

Profile picture Lars Sörqvist
Lars Sörqvist
Owner - Adduco Management AB

I've known and worked with Jonas for the past two years. Jonas software engineering skills are razor sharp, and with his prestigeless attitude, he is a true asset. Jonas is always willing to help and can match your skill level when explaining.

One of Jonas greatest strengths is the way he writes code, and it can be explained as "beautifully simple", he also makes the extra effort to think, how can this be packaged so that others can use it, which also includes documentation.

Jonas is always a keen learner and appreciates everybody who makes an effort. He never judges your skill level, rather your attitude and he recognizes your improvements in relation to your skills. Jonas is a true inspiration and a joy to work with; therefore I can recommend Jonas for who he is and what he can do for you!

Profile picture Jörgen Lidholm
Jörgen Lidholm
Software developer - Trafikverket