.NET Standard - Core configuration instructions

Install the nuget package called coderr.client.netstd, if you haven't already.

Next, you need to tell the Coderr library what server it should upload all error reports to.

Add the following code in your Program.cs (or the starting point of the framework that you use).

var url = new Uri("http://yourServer/coderr/");

The appKey and the sharedSecret can be found in the Coderr server under the following menu option:

Select the correct application in the top left menu and then click on the "Configure your application" option.

Once configured, start your application and try manually to report an exception.

You can for example add the following code somewhere and then invoke your application:

    throw new Exception("Hello world");
catch (Exception ex)
    Err.Report(ex, new { SampleData = "Context example"});

More information

The .NET Standard library also includes custom error pages and more.

If you want more information, read the client documentation or on error reporting report errors

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