WinForms client library

The WinForms client library can help you display error pages and collect information about the open forms.

Error pages

An error page is displayed when an exception is detected. It looks like this per default:

You configure it by using the following properties:

Err.Configuration.UserInteraction.AskUserForDetails = true;
Err.Configuration.UserInteraction.AskUserForPermission = true;
Err.Configuration.UserInteraction.AskForEmailAddress = true;


all flags set

only ask for permission

only details

only email

Context information

WinForms have to built in context collections


Coderr collects information from all open forms using reflection.

The information includes all controls and their configuration (position, content, visibility etc)

Control content is included


Screenshots can be activated by one of the following configuration lines:

//only of the active form

// of all forms            

The context collection will be shown as:


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