Quick facts


When Coderr received the first error report for this incident.

Last report

When we received the most recent report. This date/time can differ from the date on the most recently stored report (due to report limiting, see below).

Report count

The report count shows the total amount of error reports received since this incident was first discovered. Do note that this report count can be much higher than the amount of reports available under the report browser.

The report count can show 143 000 reports while only 50 are available under the report browser. We limit the number of saved reports to lower amount of resources required for each incident.

Once the report limit have been reached (default 50 reports), Coderr will start to delete the oldest reports to be able to save newer ones (i.e. more recent data).

User Impact

A partition defined for this application. In this case, we have received this incident from one user, which is half of all users that we have received errors for in this application.


Which application environments, like test, dev and production that this incident was received from.


Tags associated with this incident.

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