Four steps to get started!

1. Install library

Install one of our libraries from NPM or Nuget.

2. Configure your app

Add three lines of code to activate.

3. Configure prioritization

Specify criteria for prioritization (like the number of affected users)

4. Sit back and enjoy!

The most important errors are added to your backlog.

1. Easily detect errors

Decision makers

Coderr acts like a plugin, running in the background of your application, activating itself, and registering whenever an error is detected, but never interfering with your everyday operations.


The Coderr libraries integrate into your favorite framework to detect when new errors occur. It collects telemetry data, logs and lets users write bug reports directly in your application.

2. Automated prioritization

Decision makers

With Coderr, you’ll correct the error that has the most significant impact on your business first.

Coderr makes a data-driven decision based on criteria that your team has configured.


It's easy to attach important information like a UserId, VIP customer id, or similar to every error report.

Use that data to activate prioritization using a scoring system utilizing different metrics.

3. Automated filtering

To reduce noise, Coderr only adds critical errors to your backlog (in Azure DevOps, Github etc).

The remaining errors can be found in our service (and manually be added to your backlog with one click).

4. Diagnose errors

Decision makers

Many errors are trivial and can be solved quickly, while others are not as obvious and require detective work.

Coderr makes the task easier thanks to the information collected out of the box.


Coderr automatically collects telemetry data, information from log files, and user bug reports. Everything is available directly under the specific error.

5. Ignoring errors

An error won't stop getting reported just because it's fixed. It will continue to get reported until all servers and/or devices have been updated with the latest version.

Coderr ignores error reports for known errors that have been corrected.

6. Monitor and continuously improve

Fine tune the development effort by using Coderr's KPIs as a basis for decisions. Unlike software quality metrics, Coderr shows how your actual development goes.

For instance, if the average time from error discovery to correction steadily increases, you need to Focus on improving the quality to prevent a costly application rewrite.

Automate your error management

Let Coderr discover, analyze and prioritize your errors.

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