How Coderr works

Coderr is your perfect tool to monitor and detect errors in a .NET application. It works like a client/server solution where a nuget package automatically generates error reports when exceptions are detected. The error reports are then being sent to the Coderr server for further analysis.

Error detection

Coderr detects all unhandled exceptions in your application with the help of our client libraries. While picking up all exceptions, Coderr automatically provides useful context information for each error.

You can easily integrate with Coderr to be able to include own information with every exception. For instance customerId, current user or other information which would help you prioritize and solve errors.

The collected context data varies between the client libraries.

Manual reporting

Shown here to the right is an example when exception with try/catch in the code has been reported to Coderr. Attaching context information provides a better understanding of what has failed and why.

For log4net users, the Coderr's log4net library automatically reports all logged exceptions to Coderr. This is perfect for a transition period as only one line of code is required to activate it.



    callSomeMethod(uid, post);
catch (Exception ex)
    Coderr.Report(ex, new{ UserId = uid, ForumPost = post });


The context collection that was generated from the anonymous object

Rich analytics

In the view above, we have only received reports for existing errors and got a spike in one of our systems. Can it be a dbserver problem?

Once an error is uploaded to the Coderr Server, a duplication analysis begins. If the new error report is for the same exception previously reported, it is added to the same incident. This function saves you time as you do not have to analyze or process multiple reports that originate from the same deficiency in the code.

There are other analytical features as well in Coderr. It searches for similarities in all reports for the same incident helping to detect if it behaves differently on some machines. The built-in integration with, provides some suggestion for solutions based on others encounter with the same exception

All relevant details in one view

In the view above, we are browsing through all error reports that Coderr determined is for the same incident. We can see all context information that was attached to that specific report.