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Our Getting started guide is a perfect start for new users.

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Getting started

Installing Coderr Community

A comprehensive guide on how to download and install our Coderr Community Server.

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Quick start

Learn how to configure your application and report the first error.

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Reporting errors

Learn how to manually report errors in Coderr.

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Customizing Coderr

Tagging errors

Segment errors by using tags.

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Automatically attach custom data to reports

A comprehensive guide on how to attach your own context collections to the reported errors.

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Prioritizing errors

Configure Coderr to recommend which error you should correct next.

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Tracking environments

See which environment that the error was detected in. Learn how to reset for instance the Development environment.

Manage environments

Track logical errors

Track errors that aren't exceptions, like expected but unwanted situations. For instance connection failures.

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Geographic origins

Normally, Coderr uses the IP-address to find the report origin. Customize the behavior by specifying longitude/latitude.

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Get browser notifications when new errors are detected.


Close incidents

Coderr discards error reports for errors that have been corrected.

Close error

.NET / Nuget libraries


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